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The Center for Advanced Breast Care Finds CMR Naviscan Breast PET An Effective Tool for Axilla Imaging and Pre-Surgical Planning

CMR Naviscan’s Solo II High Resolution Breast PET scanner to be an effective tool in managing care for its patients. The white paper summarizes the initial retrospective analysis of 130 patients, reporting a false positive rate of 1%. Imaging of the axilla is gaining increased attention in the management of breast cancer patients as axillary lymph node can be a critical prognostic indicator. The findings point to CMR Naviscan Breast PET imaging as possibly being a more effective tool than other means, including physical exam, ultrasound or Breast MRI.

Positron Emission Mammography in the Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

Summary Aim: To evaluate the diagnostic value (sensi- tivity, specificity) of positron emission mam- mography (PEM) in a single site non-inter- ventional study using the maximum PEM up- take value (PUVmax). Patients, methods: In a singlesite, non-interventional study, 108 pa- tients (107 women, 1 man) with a total of 151 suspected lesions were scanned with a PEM Flex Solo II (Naviscan) at 90 min p.i. with 3.5 MBq 18F-FDG per kg of body weight.

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