Benefits For Medical Professionals

  • Breast PET has highest accuracy in locating /defining breast cancers in newly diagnosed patients
  • Identifies cancers earlier (as small as 1.6 mm) when treatments are most successful
  • Generates 12 tomographic slices offering 3D image perspectives
  • Arms oncologists and surgeons with the best information available for treatment plans
  • Preferred modality for monitoring treatment response and to optimize treatment regimens; possibly reducing cost of ineffective therapies
  • Demonstrates how the cancer responds to neo-adjuvant chemotherapy, with goal of shrinking the tumor(s) before surgery and improved patient outcomes
  • Provides Breast PET-guided biopsy same day with same equipment for image consistency and workflow efficiencies
  • Accurate with dense breasts and can be performed during menstrual cycle
  • Suitable for patients with claustrophobia / implanted devices
  • Compact and portable device
  • Utility in wide variety of applications
  • Compatible with MRI; PET analyzes at the metabolic level and MRI analyzes at the structural level


Clinical Benefits

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Economic and Other Benefits

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