How Breast PET Works

Breast PET is a nuclear imaging technology that uses radioactive material to enable visualization of different body tissue.  Because cancer cells absorb sugar faster than healthy tissue, a sugar-based radioactive substance is injected into the body and physicians can see the sugar accumulation and use it to gather information about suspicious masses. Breast PET captures a snapshot of the cellular activity occurring within a mass or cancerous tissue, so not only does it reveal the size, shape and location of suspicious lesions, it is over 90%* accurate in determining if the lesion is cancerous.  Repeat scans performed during a course of therapy can help determine changes in tumor size or properly gauge treatment results.


Stereo Navigator is the first FDA-cleared PET-guided biopsy accessory that can be performed the same day as a Breast PET scan, providing increased office efficiencies. High resolution Breast PET can target and guide compatible interventional biopsy devices toward the abnormality to obtain a pathological evaluation.  Biopsy path is confirmed with a 3-D needle trajectory image and secure needle guide support throughout as it enters the core.  The biopsy is also performed, sitting, in an open air environment, maintaining the comfort and peace of mind for the patient.

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