Professional Testimonials

Many professionals involved in the detection and treatment of breast cancer are recognizing the value of the Solo II Breast PET and CMR Naviscan’s suite of breast cancer detection tools.  With greater sensitivity and specificity, identifying tumors as small as 1.7mm, the Breast PET results in earlier detection and a greater probability that treatment regimens will be successful. Coupled with being able to accommodate a larger population of diagnosed patients, the CMR Naviscan suite of products are convincing more and more breast surgeons, radiologists and oncologists of their value in the fight against breast cancer.  In addition, there are substantial economic benefits that result in greater savings for the healthcare industry.

Breast PET to reduce unnecessary biopsies

Dr. Berg

Department of Radiology

Breast PET to plan surgery and reduce the chance of cancer recurring

Dr. Gittleman

Coordinated Health Breast Center

Breast PET to identify the full extent of breast cancer prior to surgery

Dr. Kathy Schilling

Medical Director, The Center for Breast Care, Boca Raton, FL

Breast PET changed my surgical planning

Dr. Jane Nelson

St. David's Medical Center, Texas

Clinical Impact of Breast PET

Dr. Jane Nelson

St. David's Medical Center, Texas

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