Patient Testimonials

Need more confirmation of the effectiveness and results of CMR Naviscan’s Solo II Breast PET and suite of related products?  Hear how other breast cancer patients just like you have benefited by Breast PET and Stereo Navigator. Not only is the Breast PET scanner able to see smaller tumors or irregularities, resulting in greater probability of treatment regimens being successful, its open design and ability to accommodate patients with dense breasts make it a trusted device for breast cancer detection.

I owe my life to the Breast PET scan.

After having an MRI and mammogram, Shawn still wasn’t getting definitive answers. A Breast PET scan provided clarity and enabled her doctor to set the course for her treatment. Today she is convinced that Breast PET saved her life.


Breast Cancer Survivor

I’m claustrophobic so I panicked with the MRI.

I don’t think that there is any other method that would have found my cancer so that we could treat it and I can be here today. We did a Breast PET and my right breast lit up with the cancer. A breast biopsy confirmed triple negative breast cancer.


Breast Cancer Survivor

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