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The MIMviewer’s customizable clinical reading workflows provide you with an automated and reproducible approach to image interpretation and analysis. A workflow, also known as a macro, is a sequence of scripted actions that are performed automatically by the software. Most of the major tools in MIMviewer can be added to workflows. You are able to register any number of studies automatically, seamlessly switch between multiple layouts, change color tables, and create screen captures, all without having to click a mouse. MIM provides an easy graphical interface to create these workflows, allowing you to adapt them to meet your specific needs. It makes the analysis of fusion images a simple task. The MIMviewer is from the family of MIM Software image viewing and analysis platforms.Features

  • MIM can fuse any number of exams from multiple modalities, including CT, MR, PET, SPECT, CBCT, and more
  • Auto-alignment allows for the fast and accurate fusions and key to correlating any number of exams over time
  • Universal, secure (HIPPA compliant) access to imaging data from anywhere
  • MIM also provides tools for treatment monitoring using various response criteria such as RECIST and PT.ERCIS