The Solo II™ Breast PET scanner (also called positron emission mammography or PEM) produces high-resolution images, with far more detail than conventional breast imaging. By producing tomographic images of lesions with resolution down to 1.6 mm (approximately the size of a grain of rice), this technology provides valuable clinical data on invasive and non-invasive disease across the continuum of care. From initial staging to ongoing post-surgical disease management, CMR Naviscan’s high-resolution Breast PET Scanner provides a metabolic perspective allowing physicians to provide optimal patient outcomes.


  • Highest sensitivity and specificity in characterizing the extent and location(s) of cancer
  • Precise lesion targeting through 3-D tomographic imaging and automated software
  • High 1.6 mm spatial resolution
  • Unlike mammography, Breast PET gently steadies the breast without compression
  • Patient can sit comfortably and undergo minimal scan times with no claustrophobia issues
  • Compact, portable, easy to use
  • MIMviewer image viewer & analysis software